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Relevant Work Experience

Work Experience

Data Science Developer
BMO Financial Group

Power BI Developer

BMO Financial Group

Software Developer
Fluence Technologies

Big Data Developer Co-op

BMO Financial Group

App. Software Developer Co-op

Bank of Montreal

Graduate Sports Analyst Co-op

Canadian Tire Financial Services 

Jul 2022 - Jul 2023

Jan - Jul 2022

May - Aug 2020



May - Aug 2018



Sep - Dec 2017

Jan - Aug 2017

See my LinkedIn page for full work history and additional details.


CV: Education


MSc Applied Mathematics

Thesis: Community Analysis of Networks of Twitter Keywords
Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto

CGPA 4.2/4.3


BSc Math & Computer Science, Co-op

Dennis Mock Award Recipient

Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto

CGPA Last 2 Years: 4.1/4.3


Certificate in Predictive Analytics

Capstone Project: Reddit News Analysis

Chang School at TMU, Toronto

CGPA 4.2/4.3


Python & SQL

> Gathered 562,425 Tweets using bespoke Python program and Twitter API for writing of MSc thesis (2021).

> Developed Python scripts to prepare and upload raw CSV data to MS SQL server at Bank of Montreal (2018).

> For advanced database course, designed and implemented Oracle 12c database structure through entity relationship diagram adhering to normalization and integrity constraints (2019).

MS Office & Google Docs

> Employed Excel to manage 500,000+ rows during writing of MSc thesis (2021).

> Collaborated through Google Team Drives and shared Sheets.

> Advanced Excel VBA and pivot tables as Sports Analyst at Canadian Tire Financial Services (2017).

> A lifetime of experience with Microsoft Office software and Google Docs, since elementary school.


Teamwork & Leadership

> Recipient of Dennis Mock Award for voluntary extracurricular work on the Math Course Union, assistance with the co-op office, and through participation in open house events.

> Supported over 20 incoming science co-op students in their first time job search and held weekly 1-on-1 review sessions (2019).

> Elected as representative of Graduate Math students both on TMU Faculty of Science Council and Math Department Council (2020-2021).

Remote Work

> Contributed effectively to C# codebase at Fluence Technologies while working remotely the entire term (2020).

> Collaborated with international colleagues at Bank of Montreal as the sole member of my team in Toronto (2018).

> Nominee for TA/GA of the Year due to outstanding work aiding professors adapt to online learning in Fall 2020.


Honors and Awards

CV: Awards

Nominee for GG Gold Medal

TMU Graduate Scholarship

TMU Graduate Fellowship

Mathematics Graduate Award

Graduate Development Award

Dennis Mock Leadership Award

Total Value: $27,500









TMU Graduate Assistant, 2019 - 2021

Nominee for TA of the Year award in Fall 2020.

MTH719 Applied Linear Algebra

MTH425 Differential Equations and Vector Calculus

MTH110 Discrete Mathematics I

MTH140 Calculus I

MTH141 Linear Algebra
MTH131 Modern Mathematics I

CV: Contact
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